Why do I need blue light glasses ?

With the prominence of the pandemic causing many people to work from home, the amount of screen time has significantly increased in our lives.  Now more than ever I am prescribing blue light filtering glasses to protect your eyes against the blue light that digital devices emit. Blue light is part of the light spectrum that comes from the sun.  Other man-made sources of blue light are overhead lights, computers and smartphones. Not all blue light is bad, however the reason that blue light is a concern is that it is a high energy wavelength that can cause long term damage to the eye.  Especially, blue light can cause retinal damage resulting in macular degeneration.  The urgency to wear blue light filtering glasses increases with prolonged screen time.  I like to compare wearing blue light filtering glasses to regular sunglasses - they both protect the eye from UV damage.  Other benefits of blue light blocking glasses are reduced eyestrain, a decrease in headaches and better sleep at night.  

To address the issue of blue light, we can add a blue blocking coat with antiglare to your regular prescription glasses.  If you are experiencing eyestrain with prolonged computer use, please make an appointment to see if you require prescription computer glasses.  I want to provide the best eye care for my patients and I am happy to customize glasses for your lifestyle and visual health.

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