Stop suffering from sensitive eyes

Often sensitive eyes are a deterrent from wearing eye makeup. As a person with sensitive eyes, I understand this frustration. As an eye doctor, I have some tips that I can share with you that can help alleviate sensitive eyes.

Start with having good eyelid hygiene. Often eye discomfort can come from blepharitis that is dandruff particles mixed with bacteria stuck to the base of the eyelashes. It is especially important with eyelash extensions to clean your eye lashes properly.

Simple brand wipes makeup remover is gentle on the skin and eyes. If you need something stronger there are medicated eyelid cleansers like We loves eyes that has tea tree oil that helps minimize bacterial growth around the lids.

Sensitive eyes are most often connected with dry eyes so using non-preserved artificial tears to soothe your eyes is important.  Eye drops twice a day can help dry sensitive eyes. Systane or Refresh artificial tears are two of my favorite eye drops.

My favorite thing to do for sensitive eyes is warm compresses. It helps soothe sensitive eyes by relaxing the eye muscles and helps stimulate the natural oil around the eye. Warm compresses help with dry eye symptoms. It is like a little spa for our eyes. I do this before applying eye makeup and after a long day on the computer.

Next is keeping the skin around the lids moist with a good eye cream. I really like Eye Doctor by Origins because it is highly moisturizing and never irritates my eyes.

By following these simple steps your sensitive eyes can find relief. I can also prescribe you prescription eye drops if your eyes need something stronger. Stay tuned for my top recommendations for mascara.


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